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Level: Easy
Limit of participants

    Thinking about getting a little bit faster? Maybe a little bit quicker? Champions Academy provides clients with the opportunity to take advantage of a full floor dedicated to improving your SPEED AND AGILITY. The completely AstroTurf surface is provided to clients to create the optimum speed and agility environment. We provide full speed and agility programs which include exercises involving hurdles, ladders as well as resistance-based sprinting.
    This is also the home to our STAY STRONG CLASSES. These “Boot camp” style training sessions are aimed to give you a complete full-body workout that will certainly get the blood flowing through your body. This group training session is designed to allow members at any athletic level the opportunity to involve High-Intensity Interval Training into their work out routine. This has quickly become one of our members’ favorite classes and we highly encourage you to give it a try. For more information take a look at our CLASSES page.