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Open: 07:00 am - 02:00 am
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Strength & Conditioning




3 Day Program - Strength & Conditioning

The 3 day strength and power program, delivered on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday, consists of weight training, balance and functional training, core training, flexibility, and plyometrics.

Weight Training

Champions Academy uses a completely scientific approach to weight training progression developed by Mike Barwis (Barwis Methods). One of the four cycles will be designed for you to meet your athletic goals: a hypertrophy phase used to increase the cross sectional area of the muscle, a maximum strength phase used to increase recruitment and strength of the muscle, a power transfer phase which will help to increase the pure speed of their movements, and a competition phase to increase strength, power, size and speed during your sporting season.

Balance and Functional Training

Balance and functional training will improve your kinesthetic physical awareness. It will help you be aware of your surroundings which you receive through sensory receptors in your joints. The program utilizes the body’s proprioceptors to enhance performance.

Core Training

Core training will help to allow effective transfer of power from the upper and lower extremities and will increase your speed, agility, overall strength, explosiveness, and coordination.


This part of the program will help maintain and increase joint range motion, where performance will be enhanced and the risk of injury reduced.


Plyometric training encourages muscle development, speed & agility, endurance and quickness. These exercises will teach the body to utilize the elastic principles of the muscles and increase neural impulse speed through trained activation.